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Does your central heating system show some of these signs? 

You may need a Powerflush saving you 25% on your fuel bills.

Powerflushing your central heating system

Central Heating Power Flush throughout Lancashire and Merseyside

Why buy new radiators when a simple, clean power flush could improve your central heating?

We regularly come across poorly performing central heating systems that show signs of corroding. This is mainly due to poor flushing or no flushing at all when new boilers were installed or upgrades were made to the central heating system. Corrosion can be lead to poor heat up times of radiators, leaking combination boilers (combi-boilers), diverter valve failures, pressure drops and poor hot water performance.

Does your heating system have these symptoms?

  • Radiator water black with iron oxide sludge
  • Central heating system slow to warm up
  • Cylinder has poor hot water recovery time between usage i.e. showers
  • Cold spots in the middle of the radiators
  • Combination boilers being unable to deliver constant hot water at a stable temperature
  • Combination boilers showing signs of water leakage constantly
  • Combination boiler pressure gauge keeps dropping below 1 bar setting
  • Unpleasant boiler noises
  • Repeated central heating pump failure
  • Radiators need frequent bleeding!
  • Radiators release unpleasant smell when bled!
  • Leaking radiators from pin holing in the metal

Benefits of power flushing:

  • Lower fuel bills due to more efficient central heating system
  • Savings of up to 25%*
  • Increases system life of radiators and boiler
  • Quieter boiler operation due to lime scale removal
  • *Dependant on the condition of the original system.

Power flushing cleans a central heating system internally improving radiator performance and heat output.

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